Beautiful accessories for needleworkers

I would love some input from you knitters out there.

I know you love luxury yarns, such as hand-dyed Malabrigo or Smooshy Dream in Color. I know you appreciate fine knitting needles, such as Signature needles and Brittany needles.

What about your other tools? What about the scissors you use (and frequently misplace)? What about the tools you may use when you sew, such as seam rippers or pin cushions? Do you buy yours at the big box stores? Or are you looking for something a little more interesting?

I have discovered a line of silver sewing accessories that I believe knitters may love, too. And I may have an opportunity to represent this line of products in the US. I would like to find out if they would appeal to knitters as much as they appeal to those who sew. Here is a sampling of what the line includes:

Beautiful silver chatelaine-style scissors (on a chain to be worn around the neck or–more traditionally–around the waist)…

Thimble cages to be worn as a pendant or suspended from a chatelaine…

..All sorts of pin cushions and needle tidies….

…As well as other useful and beautiful tools such as seam rippers and tweezers.

What do you think? Would something like these items appeal to you?

Thanks for your input!


2 Responses to “Beautiful accessories for needleworkers”

  1. I find these accessories very appealing. I love to have pretty and well made tools for my work.

  2. Those are so delicious! What wonderful gifts to give or indeed to receive! Go for it!

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