I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making a pair of felted slippers. They look so cozy, and I love the transformation that fulling gives knitted fabric, from a rather thin and floppy fabric with no real structure, to a thick, firm, dense structured material.

The pattern I chose was a free DROPS design for felted slippers. In hindsight, this is a good example of “you get what you pay for.” The photo in the pattern looks like the slippers fit all the curves of a human foot very well. The knitter of those slippers must not have followed this pattern, though, because after I followed the pattern, the end result (pre-fulling) was this flat and angular thing:

But as anyone who has ever felted/fulled before knows, you can’t go by the “before” picture at all. So here is the “after” shot:

Yes, just as flat and angular as the “before” shot, only denser. (I do like the way the yarn felted, though, with the curls of white fiber making a halo over the denser natural brown.)

Even when the slippers are  made 3-D to fit the foot, they still aren’t right. This picture makes them look much better than they really are:

The top of the toe curls up a bit, in a cute, sort of elfin way. Unfortunately, the opposite side of that elfin curl-up is an awkward point underneath the ball of the foot. That is also matched by an awkward point underneath the heel.

Clearly, these slippers were not designed by anyone who had any familiarity with the human foot. Now Frankenstein’s monster, on the other hand, may just love these….


One Response to “Frankenslippers”

  1. Wow, they almost look like felted ice skates! I agree with you on how the wool felted- that does look very pretty.

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