Blocking my sweater

Remember that sweater from 2008, the one I designed myself, the one I started optimistically in September 2008 and expected to be finished by December? Well, after much dithering, it is nearly complete. Here it is, blocking:

As soon as it’s dry, I’ll post better pictures.

This sweater proved to be a delightful challenge, but I had a year-long angst-fest over the bottom band, button bands, and cuffs. I had the sweater completely finished, except for BB&C, and I hemmed, and I hawed, and I dithered, and I delayed. After all the decisions I’d made on stitch patterns, I was absolutely and utterly indecisive when it came to a stitch pattern for the BB&C. I wanted something unique and different than the usual 2×2 rib, but I couldn’t figure out which stitch would be interesting enough without competing against the rest of the pattern.

Then, in a fit of complete decisiveness, I started knitting…in 2×2 rib.

The results are good, and frankly, I think the plain bordering is much better than anything more intricate. The cables and stitches of the main body of the sweater have so much detail that anything more interesting than 2×2 rib would have competed against it.

Now, if only this would dry faster so I can wear it a little bit before the end of winter!


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