Laurel, designed by Jared Flood, knit by Tracy


This is a photo of the hat while blocking on a dinner plate. (The real color is a richer blue-green.) I was just too impatient to wait until daylight to take a picture of it!

The pattern was a pleasure to knit. However, I found a number of small errors in the pattern–nothing big enough to stop me from knitting, but substantial enough to trouble someone with less experience knitting cables:

* The symbol m1-l is not explained, so I just used my best judgment and made one stitch my usual way.

* The 5-stitch cable first used on row 8 has no explanation in the key. What you need to do is move the first 3 stitches to a cable needle, k2 from the left needle, move the p stitch from the cable needle back to the left needle and p1, then k2 from the cable needle. This keeps the purl stitch in the center of this cable.

* As for moving the marker for the beginning of the row, the instructions are wrong. I studied the chart and figured it out from there.

* The text gives instructions for a row 54, but the chart shows only 53 rows. (And the way it is knit, row 53 on the chart matches the wording of row 54 in the written text.)

* The pattern calls for 2 balls of Classic Elite Princess, for a total of 300 yards. When I substituted Cascade 220 Superwash, I used substantially less yarn–less than a single 220-yard ball.

Nevertheless, I like the pattern, and I’m pleased with the way the hat has turned out.


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