Finally, an actual finished object!

I just over a month, I managed to complete an actual finished object–despite all the gardening, despite all the family activities, despite summer itself (or what passes for summer here in upstate New York this year). For a long time, I have been wanting to knit Shedir, the beautiful hat designed for women undergoing chemo, but beautiful enough for anyone to wear. At the end of June, I popped down to Knitting Etc. in Ithaca and bought a couple of skeins of Rowan Calmer, in the loveliest shade of spring green. This would be a dream to knit, and a dream to wear.

Well, the knitting for me was a bit of a challenge, but that was by no means the fault of the designer. I used to be able to tackle an Alice Starmore pattern with ease–okay, not exactly with ease, but at least with confidence and focus. These days,  however, I’m lucky if I can concentrate enough to do a moss stitch, so doing the crisp cables of Shedir threw me for a loop, at least in the beginning.

Shedir 1

And I found it addictive. The more I knit, the more I wanted to see the pattern emerging, and the more I knit again. Just gorgeous! And tonight I finished it. I wove in all the loose ends and dashed to the mirror to put it on. I would be a vision of loveliness.

Shedir 2

Well, that was the theory. Somehow, in my eagerness to knit this beautiful fabric, I forgot that I actually look hideous in snug-fitting caps. In a cap like this, I’m all cheeks and no forehead. Even worse, I forgot to measure my head to figure out if I would need to adjust the pattern. Since I wanted this hat for its beauty alone, and not for its hairline-covering ability (so important to women undergoing chemo), I should have taken out two repeats of the pattern. I didn’t do that, and now the hat is simply too deep for my head.

Shedir 3

Oh well. It was a pleasure to knit, and I will tuck it away somewhere safe–with the sad knowledge that someday, I will know someone who will need this.


One Response to “Finally, an actual finished object!”

  1. It really is beautiful. I know what you mean about wearing snug fitting caps.

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