Revealing the secrets of the gods?

The never-ending sweater. This is the sweater I began so many months ago, believing (or at least hoping) that I could actually finish it by the time my knitting class ended in late December. Now, six weeks past the end of my class, I’m still knitting…and knitting…


I’m shaping the yoke right now, which just seems to be going on forever. I feel like the end is in sight, and yet it keeps slipping further and further away.

It’s a bit like being the character Tantalus from Greek mythology. He was punished for revealing the secrets of the gods to mortals, his punishment being to stand in a pool of water beneath the branches of a heavily-laden fruit tree. Whenever he bends to drink water, it recedes away. Whenever he reaches for a piece of fruit, the branches lift the fruit just beyond his grasp.

Now, did I reveal the secrets of the gods to anyone? I don’t remember doing so, but I can’t otherwise explain why this cardigan isn’t getting finished.


3 Responses to “Revealing the secrets of the gods?”

  1. Oh, I hate that feeling, and it happens towards the end of every sweater. The only good news is that when I start feeling that way, it usually means that I’m coming toward the finish line — it’s just hard to remember that while you’re slogging through…

  2. […] my sweater Remember that sweater from 2008, the one I designed myself, the one I started optimistically in September 2008 and […]

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