Extreme knitting

I just discovered this wonderful video on YouTube featuring an art project from 2006. A knitter from the UK, Rachel John, performs the amazing feat of knitting with 1,000 strands of yarn simultaneously. The entire process is a visual feast, as we watch Rachel and Carmen John set up all the cones of yarn, pull out the strands, and hoist them to a second-floor balcony, where the strands are grouped together and the knitting takes place. I never knew knitting could be such an athletic feat!


One thing that is really beautiful about this project, apart from the actual project itself, is how much support the artist received for this project. In the credits, you see that she was not only supported by the Arts Council (UK), but also by quite a number of yarn companies. Britain is well known for supporting its artists. Does anything like this happen here? Does the NEA support this kind of work, too? I should find out.


One Response to “Extreme knitting”

  1. That’s a great question. I have this feeling I’ve heard about projects on this scale, but I can’t think of which ones right offhand. Let us know what you find out!

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