I’ve been knitting. A lot. Making v-e-r-y slow progress. But here is my latest project:


It’s a cabled cardigan, worked in the round out of deep red Cascade 220. I’m following Elizabeth Zimmerman’s method (saddle-shouldered Aran cardigan), but she allows for so much customization that it really feels like a collaboration between the two of us.

The photo above shows the front, with the steek in front. I’ve never worked a steek before, and so far I’m fine with it. I may feel a bit different when it comes time to actually cut my own knitting. Deliberately.


This photo shows the back, with the spectacular center back cable. I found the pattern for that cable out of a Japanese knitting book. I don’t read Japanese, so I had to spend a fair amount of time just playing with the pattern until I had that “aha!” moment when I realized what all the symbols meant.

Lest you think I have really bad taste, the crazy blue-and-yellow yarn at the bottom isn’t a cheesy border pattern. It’s the waste yarn I used for a provisional cast on. I still haven’t decided what to do with the hem of this baby, so I’ll just wait and think about it later.


A detail from the center back cable.


A detail from the braid either side of the front opening

Making this sweater has been a great challenge–from choosing the cables to designing the layout to figuring out Japanese cable patterns to learning how to frog and frog and frog without despairing. I can only knit two or three rows of this an evening (it takes all my powers of concentration!), so I’m making very slow progress. But I think this one will be worth waiting for.


5 Responses to “Cable-palooza”

  1. Most definitely! It’s absolutely stunning — and I adore that deep cable, it’s beautiful. This one seems worth the waiting, you’ll wear it forever.

  2. Beautiful! It will definitely be worth all the work, I agree with Jocelyn – I can see it getting a lot of wear.

  3. That is absolutely beautiful!! I can’t remember the last time I knit anything other than a few rounds on a pair of still-unfinished socks (in stockinette, no less). That makes me want to pick my needles back up and actually knit something substantial.

  4. Hi! I’m looking to copy a scarf I bought that looks like it is knitted then braided, but its not actually a cable braid – the stitch looks almost identical to the last photo you’ve posted. It’s then made into a loop scarf. I love it and want to make another one in beige! I’m a novice knitter – can you please help??

  5. It’s been three years since I designed this sweater, and I’m afraid I can’t find my notes on this particular stitch. A good stitch dictionary would help you find something pleasing. The Harmony Guides are very good, but there are many, many out there to choose from. I hope you’ve joined Ravelry! You’ll find loads of really useful information there, too. Good luck!

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