Coming soon, a major new project

I’ve been knitting and gardening so much that I’ve been woefully lax on updating the blog. The news here is that I am working on my first Elizabeth Zimmermann sweater, a saddle-shouldered Aran cardigan. I’m taking a class at Knitting Etc in Ithaca, which is really helping me work through the process. I was so intimidated at first–EZ’s design is more of a collaboration between her and me, since I choose the yarn weight, the patterns, the neckline, whether or not to have shaping, etc. Whoa! So many variables! So many choices….

I spent a week just working out my stitch patterns. Then I ast on 268 stitches not once, but twice because apparently counting is not my strong suit. Then I ripped out everything I’d done because I hadn’t provided enough “filler” stitches in two places in the sweater. Now, I’m about an inch and a half into it, and it’s finally starting to look like something.

Photos to come when I can get to my camera. Which may be after next weekend, which is Rhinebeck!!


3 Responses to “Coming soon, a major new project”

  1. Good for you! I can’t wait to see the pictures 🙂 And does this mean that you get to go to Rhinebeck? Envy, envy (in the best possible way)…

  2. I have to multiple cast on too, because of counting issues. Cannot wait to see pictures!

  3. You’re heading to Rhinebeck? Me, too….

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