Small town parades

I love small-town parades. There is something quite delicious about taking your lawn chairs out on the front lawn five minutes before the parade begins and watching your fellow townspeople parade by. Today was the parade for the annual Italian American Festival.

We had old cars, like this red Edsel…

pipe bands (nothing says Italian like a Scottish pipe band (the Penn York HIghlanders out of Athens, PA))…

a Cheez-It…

a leopard…

and a tiger and a cow…

It’s no Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, but it’s fun and local, and even better, it was right outside our front door. So, we could sit comfortably, with snacks and chairs that we didn’t have to drag for miles, secure in the knowledge that when it was all over, we could just walk a few steps to be home. No fighting through crowds to get to the subway station, no waiting for trains to take us home. This is good!


One Response to “Small town parades”

  1. I am particularly amused by the pipe band! But then again, isn’t a pipe band always appropriate? 😉

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