The cat days of summer

We’ve had such a busy summer so far, but finally things are calming down. We’ve had two sets of visitors from the UK, a trip to a Fiat car show in Pennsylvania, and a family reunion in NYC. Plus swimming lessons and piano lessons and all the other commotion that goes along with having four kids. But things are calming down, and we’re getting a rare moment of peace and tranquility in the house.

You know it’s peaceful in our house when the cats stretch out in the middle of the walkway. Ahh….. (She doesn’t even mind the hideous carpet that I-hope-with-every-fiber-of-my-being will be gone this fall.)

With peace and tranquility comes knitting. At last, actual knitting content! I took a stroll down to my favorite LYS on Monday and bought this, entirely because of Brooklyn Tweed‘s gorgeous mittens on the cover:

Vogue Fall 2008 Cover (by b r o o k l y n t w e e d)

Talk about “smitten with mittens”—I’m smitten with Brooklyn Tweed, because I love everything he designs. All of the patterns at the top of my Ravelry queue are his. He is so talented, and I look forward to every new thing he produces.

Anyway, I’m not quite ready to tackle those delicious mittens just yet, seeing as how I’ve never knit mittens before. I’ve been knitting for probably 35 years. I’ve made Aran sweaters galore. I’ve made scarves and baby booties and vests and pullovers and all sorts, but never have I made a pair of mittens.

So, I decided to start simply. I’m knitting the Basic Mittens out of Folk Mittens, which arrived in my mailbox courtesy of the recent Interweave Press scratch-n-dent sale. (By the way, I ordered four books in this sale, and they all looked perfect to me, and were discounted 50%. What scratches? What dents?)

And here we are, well on our way to our first pair of mittens…

…and I sense a bit of an obsession coming on. At the risk of offending what seems to be the majority of the knitting community, I’ve never understood the mania for knitting socks. Socks get covered up, stuffed into stinky shoes, and worn out. But mittens! Mittens are on display! They move about with every hand gesture. They cheer up a cold and snowy day. Ah, yes, I think that mittens are going to be my new take-anywhere small projects from now on!


2 Responses to “The cat days of summer”

  1. Mittens are good fun! Around here, though, they don’t get worn too much, so I go in for fingerless mitts a lot 🙂

  2. TragicSandwich Says:

    I’d love to know how they work out–I have yet to get past squares and rectangles in my knitting and crocheting projects.

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