Feels like fall, looks like fall…

Global warming? Not here in this corner of the Finger Lakes. It’s still a bone-chilling damp 50 degrees outside. Half of me is delighted, because of course I can still wear my sweaters, but the gardener in me is frustrated by the coolness. How will I ever get tomatoes with weather like this? How will my beans grow? How will Aidan’s pumpkin plant grow?

Well, if the pumpkin plant doesn’t make it, here’s an alternative that arrived in the mail today. A needle-felted pumpkin kit from Patternworks!

This kit should be enough to make two medium pumpkins or a bunch of little ones. I love these colors! This should be a fun thing to do on these long chilly evenings. (But it still doesn’t make up for the lack of springtime around here…)


One Response to “Feels like fall, looks like fall…”

  1. What a fun kit! The kids are going to love the way those turn out. Down here, we’re dealing with schizophrenic weather — 90+ degrees one day, grey and 60 the next. It’s all about the layers…

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