Happy Mother’s Day

What a delightful Mother’s Day this has been! I spent the morning hours perusing over the Sunday New York Times (which is finally coming regularly to our part of rural New York State, after I had to threaten the poor customer service clerk with canceling my subscription unless they could manage to actually deliver this paper for at least two Sundays in a row). I also spent a lovely hour or two in the garden, planting my peony, digging the southwest flower bed, and helping my 6-year-old plant the pumpkin plant that he’d started in kindergarten.

Then it was a fiber afternoon!

Several fiber farms in this corner of the Finger Lakes had open houses (open farms?) this weekend. We visited two of them: Sheepish Grin Farm in Lodi, and Bear Farm in Burdett. What fun!

First, the newborn lambs at Sheepish Grin. I got to hold this baby lamb, who was only born yesterday! Her mum wasn’t very happy about it, but her people didn’t seem to mind.

We met the other sheep and the guard llama, and had a very pleasant tour of this lovely small farm by a very precocious young sheep farmer (all of about 10 years old).

Next we traveled to Bear Farm. Carole and Mark Hatch made us very welcome at their faarm, showing us their new lambs too.

Not only did they have adorable baby lambs for us to ooh and ahh over, but they also had yarn. Lots of yarn. Lovely colors, and such reasonable prices. I couldn’t resist a little stash-building exercise while my kids were running up and down the hill (and up and down and up once more).

What will this become? Stay tuned, and I’ll let you know..

Not only did they have lovely yarns, but they also sell their own honey. My husband bought some (since he’s not a fiber-fiend, though he will indulge me), and I have to say, I haven’t had such lovely, sweet, clean and clear honey ever! It was wonderful. However, Carole explained that this may be the last year they produce honey. They lost their entire bee colony last year to colony collapse disorder, and they had to replenish the colony this year. She said, though, that it’s too expensive to continue doing so, so if the colony doesn’t make it, that might be the end of their honey production. Get some while you can.


One Response to “Happy Mother’s Day”

  1. What a wonderful mother’s day! The yarn looks amazing — I can’t wait to see what it becomes šŸ™‚ And I’m with you on honey produced in nice small batches that way, it’s just amazing. We keep thinking about getting a hive (well, the girls and I do — Rick’s not so keen), but we haven’t quite pulled the trigger on that yet…

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