broken fingernails, aching back, sense of relief!

I used to be the kind of person who would knit and read and take time to smell the roses, but this phase of my life has just been too busy! Since I’ve been back from Boston, we’ve been working to clear out our other house—the wonderful rustic house my husband had before we were married—in preparation to rent it out.

In one sense, it was pretty easy for me to pack things up and move them out. I never really lived in the house, except for a few weeks after we left Boston and before we closed on the house we’re living in now. The house—the “hill house,” as the kids have taken to calling it—has been unoccupied for more than two years, so there was actually more cleaning to do than packing up. I’ve never seen so many cobwebs in my life! But we got the place shining clean—cleaner than I’ve ever remembered seeing it.

Once nearly everything was out, and once the new tenants arrived to move their piano in, I felt a huge wave of sadness. This was the house that my husband and I courted in. It’s where we fell in love. And though we have a lovely home now,  a place we both really love, I have a real soft spot for the hill house. It was a sanctuary away from the world, and now it’s going to be someone else’s home.

But that pleases me too. There is nothing sadder than an unloved, unlived-in house. The hill house will have laughter and love in it again, and that’s a good thing. And though we’ll still own it, and will have the option to go back to it again at some point in the future, for right now, it’s not really ours.


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