Boston-bound…for 6 hours

Tomorrow is another episode of Tracy’s Road Show ’08 (otherwise known as my job search). I’ll be getting up insanely early to fly to Boston via Philly and arrive there mid-morning. (No such thing a quick direct flights from this corner of the Finger Lakes). Interview interview interview. Then six hours after arriving in Boston, I’ll be back on a plane home. Phew!

I haven’t been back to Boston since we left in August, and how dreadfully tantalizing that I’ll be there for a whole six hours and won’t be able to do or see a thing. I’m sure I’ll be stuck in offices and conference rooms all day, with only a glimpse of the city on my cab rides from and to Logan Airport. There isn’t even enough time for me to take the T and at least see a little bit on my walk to the station.

I’m getting to the point where I’m just ready to have a decision made and get all this waiting over with. I had a terrific meeting with a company in Baltimore two weeks ago. They went all out to make me feel welcome—they flew me to Baltimore, picked me up at the airport, had me meet everyone (and they were all so friendly and welcoming), then took me out for two really nice meals. I even stayed at the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf—a place I’d love to go back to if I end up spending more time in Baltimore. These nice folks made me a really good offer—but I was in the midst of negotiations with another company, so I couldn’t give them an immediate answer. They agreed to wait until next week.

And then a third option opened up—one I had been interested in years ago, one whose approach to educational publishing matches my own, one where a trusted former colleague now works…Now I potentially have three options to choose from!

It’s great to be so sought-after, but kind of weird, too. I hate keeping people wait, but I don’t want to make my decision until I know all the variables. I am hoping that by the end of this week—or the beginning of next—I should be able to decide and will be able to see more than a giant question mark in my future.


One Response to “Boston-bound…for 6 hours”

  1. Congratulations! And good luck tomorrow — I know you’re going to be great, although I can imagine just how hectic the day is going to be! It’s so exciting that you have three good options on the table, but sometimes it’s almost harder than just having one thing come through… I can’t wait to hear what you decide 🙂

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