Nuevo Leon, HVAC careers, and a big margarita or twelve

Let’s go to Nuevo Leon (my favorite Mexican restaurant in Austin) and get one or twelve margaritas and catch up and let the world go by while we giggle and pretend we’re still straight out of college and don’t belong in this grown-up world of corporations and careers and responsibilities. Sound like a plan?

Things are weird here. You know by now that I lost my job. Boo hoo. I did manage to snag a pretty good severance package—a goodly number of weeks of pay, and a few other important benefits throughout the severance period. Plus I can legally claim unemployment right away without my severance cutting into the oh-so-generous unemployment payments (gotta love New York), so financially, I’m okay.

I have so many companies beating a path to my door, it just isn’t funny. Today I had three—count ’em, three—editorial Important People wanting to hire me and pay to fly me to exotic locales in Maryland and Ohio and Massachusetts (yea Boston!) to meet and greet and be wooed and courted. Yeah, it’s going to be okay. As dark as it may feel, I’ll land on my feet.

Plus, I have three months of serious intense career coaching if I want it—and I want it—so I have a guy helping me look at this new phase of my life as a time of personal growth rather than a desperate search for the next corporate hat rack to hang my stetson on. This, I have to say, may be worth its weight in gold, if this is in fact a genuine career coach, and not one of those cracker-jack companies that’s going to hand me a personality test and tell me I’m ideally suited to be an HVAC engineer. Actually, this guy seems really on the ball and is encouraging me to make use of this gift of time I’ve been given in order to figure out who I am and what I want so that I can live my (work) life deliberately and not just sleepwalk into the next paying gig. I think he may be on to something.

But right now, I just want to forget it all and sit on the deck of the old Nuevo Leon and have the waiter bring me that big-ass frozen margarita grande without my even having to ask. I want to sweat all over the cheap plastic chairs and gorge on nachos with or without jalapenos and gossip with you. Is that good for you?


One Response to “Nuevo Leon, HVAC careers, and a big margarita or twelve”

  1. I’m there! I am SO there. And I totally understand the desire to sometimes just go back to that wonderful post-college period, when things were a bit simpler (although a bit more broke, too). It sounds like you’re getting some great advice, though, about taking this time to step back and be deliberate. Let us know about those personality tests 😉

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