I dodged a (digital) bullet

It all started so simply. Santa brought my youngest a little SpongeBob digital camera. Cute little toy, with a cute little CD of software to download the pictures from the cute little camera to my computer. My boy gleefully filled his little camera with pictures and wanted to see them, so I dutifully loaded the software onto my computer.

The @#$%& software destroyed my operating system.

I didn’t realize that at first. I just thought it was odd that iPhoto loaded every time I plugged anything into the USB port (including my printer). I thought it was odd when my printer suddenly didn’t work at all. I thought it was odd when I had to click through three screens of mumbo-jumbo about extensions not working every time I logged onto my computer. So I called the local computer guy to come help me.

One hour and a very sad face later, the computer guy had to haul away my computer to the computer hospital for a complete makeover.

It took him 36 hours to back up my data.

Then it took time to reload all my software.

But my baby is back. She’s limping a little (some minor glitches I’ll need to call about tomorrow). And the good news is, all my data is intact. All 5 years of digital photos. All my music files. All my documents–including my resume, which is of course vitally important to me these days.

And do you know what I did as soon as I got the computer home and running again? I BACKED UP MY FILES.

When was the last time you backed up your files? Do it now. Don’t procrastinate. You can only dodge the bullet so many times…..


One Response to “I dodged a (digital) bullet”

  1. Sing it sister — always back up! When I wrote my dissertation, I emailed it to my husband every night, since his company backed up all their files to a computer on the east coast (in case The Big One came and California fell into the Pacific). I did that even before two people I knew lost their entire dissertations (one to computer theft, one to an OS meltdown). Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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