It’s Raining Knives

One of the nice things about being newly unemployed is getting out and about and feeling like I’m skipping school. So I’m taking my kids to the museum today. What are they going to do—fire me? (Oh wait, they already did that!). My kids had the day off school, so we went to the Corning Museum of Glass. What a great place! There was plenty to keep the kids interested, and enough (and more) to make me want to go back at a quieter time when I can really enjoy the collection.

One of my favorites works in the contemporary collection is this one.


Called “It’s Raining Knives,” this is a work by the Argentinian artist Silvia Levenson, who created this thought-provoking piece about fear and false security. (The knives are made of translucent glass suspended by nylon thread above the glass houses on the artificial turf.)

“We may feel safe and secure in our houses,” she says, “but the truth is that we can never be sure.” Of course, that spoke volumes to me, sitting here in this crossroads of my career.

Things are definitely looking up on the job front—I already have two offers of work and several leads on more projects. Now it’s time to take a breath and take some space and figure out where I really want to go next. My instinct is to leap on the first offer (that old insecurity speaking—what if I turn this one down and no one ever wants me ever ever again? We’ll all end up starving in the hedgerows, only there are no hedgerows here in upstate New York, so we won’t even have a picturesque place to starve!). Of course, the wonderfully positive response I’ve been getting to my resume shows me that I have valuable skills, so I can take a little time to figure out what I want and not leap on the very first thing that comes my way.

I’m just tired of thinking about it already.

So, here’s some knitting news. You’ve asked for pictures of this weird and wonderful hat that I’m making, and I’m happy to oblige. One caveat: the pictures just don’t do the hat justice.


This first picture is a bit truer to the colors, but it doesn’t give much of an indication of what the hat will eventually look like.


This does a better job of showing all the pointy bits on this hat. It’s weird, it’s wonderful, and I’m really enjoying it!


2 Responses to “It’s Raining Knives”

  1. Ooh, the hat looks like so much fun! And what a neat piece at the museum.

  2. I adore that hat. It’s not like I could ever wear it anywhere where my students might see it, but I really really love it. The museum sounds really interesting — I love that you’re doing all of these fun things now while you can, and giving yourself a chance to figure out the best place to go from here. It’s hard to live with the uncertainty, but sometimes something that has to be done (I know, I know, easy for me to say right now — I promise, I’ve been there!). 🙂

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