I have two projects I’m so excited to leap into–my Kathryn Alexander hat and my new, top-secret project I can’t blog about (I’m a test-knitter! How exciting is that? I’ve never been a test-knitter before). But while I wait for my yarn for the test-knitting to arrive, I have vowed to finish the Delicato mitts.

Yes, I know they’re done–as in, the second mitt has been cast off. However, as my earlier post mentioned, that first mitt was a wee bit…gargantuan…on my hand, so I have to frog back and re-knit it smaller. Oh, but where is the enthusiasm for doing it again when there are so many new projects to start?

But I’m trying to be disciplined. I have my WIPs at their all-time lowest: just these mitts and my husband’s sweater (which is such an old WIP that I can’t even remember what it’s called–but I’ll finish it, dear, I promise!! Love you!) But my queue of patterns in Ravelry is growing…and growing…and growing…


2 Responses to “procrastinating”

  1. That is exciting to be a test knitter! I’m impressed by your discipline. That queue feature in ravelry is difficult to ignore!

  2. How exciting! Are you able to say whom you’re test knitting for? Isn’t it fun? There’s something about being the first to knit a pattern, kind of like being the first to walk on newly-fallen snow. Very exciting. Can’t wait to hear about it when you can share!

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