Where did the time go?

This time of year, most people who say, “Where did the time go?” are rushing about, trying desperately to finish buying or making all of the gifts for all of the people on their Christmas lists. I’m feeling a bit that way, too–for the buying of gifts, because I’m too realistic to even think about making gifts for anyone these days.

No, when I say, “Where did the time go?” I’m wondering about all that free time I used to have before the kids came along. All that knitting time. All that daydreaming time. All that working-out-problems time and being-creative time. It seems I never have a moment to do anything these days.

Today, for example, was a prime knitting day. It snowed all day long. It snowed with an extra layer of ice thrown in mid-day just to make sure that I wasn’t going anywhere on this day. In my former life (before kids, before husband, before home ownership), this day would have been hours and hours of delightful knitting, pots of tea, snoozing cats, and a few costume dramas on the TV. The day would have seemed so long–I would have gotten so much done!–but I would be ready for real life to come back the next day.

But not so today. Yes, we were stuck inside because of the weather, and we did manage to get all the Christmas decorations up (not before time!). But no knitting was done. No BBC costume dramas were watched. Very little me-time was had at all! (I did manage to sneak in two cups of tea and a slice or two of banana bread, but I had to hide from them all to seize that little bit of time.)

I know there will come a day when the boys have their own social lives–or when they’re grown and gone–when I will feel like the house is too quiet, too small, too clean. But that day is really hard to imagine today….


3 Responses to “Where did the time go?”

  1. Yup. I know that feeling. It’s really hard when those favorite curl-up-inside days become how-will-I-get-a-second-alone days. As a note of encouragement, my two are now able and willing to entertain themselves in the house and let me knit for significant periods of time! Something to look forward to…

  2. Thanks for leaving the change of (blog) address note at mine. Looks like you’re settling in well in both new homes – real and blog.

  3. Hi! Sorry to hijack your comments, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s a 1952 Wedgewood (our stove). I love it. It cooks like a dream, and the two ovens are perfect. We bought it partially refurbished, which turned out perfectly (I’m not too worried about the dings in the enamel, but it is nice to know that the inner works were all checked out and updated), since fully refurbished ones like this are outrageously expensive. It’s always so nice to find someone else who gets it about older stoves 🙂

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