Another post on a snowy day

The great thing about a snow day is that you get the sudden gift of extra time (hence, the second blog entry in a single day!). We have a fire going in the woodstove, which is warm and cozy in a way that central heating just can’t be. The extra warmth is especially appreciated by our elderly cat, Alec (ironically known as “Baby Cat” by the kids). He loves to cozy up next to the woodstove–closer than I could bear to be.


(Please ignore the hideous green shag carpet. It will be gone this winter…)

The funny thing about Baby Cat’s love of heat is that it didn’t begin in his old age. When I got him at the tender age of 6 weeks, he had lost half of his whiskers from curling up too close to a space heater. The friend who gave me this crazy kitten nicknamed him the “Heat Miser” because he loved to be hot. And true to form, he can always be found where it’s hottest. Our last house had a forced-air system with heat registers on the floor, and all winter long, Baby Cat could be found spread across the registers. Now, he’s curled up in front of the woodstove.

Which is where I’m heading next. Bye!


One Response to “Another post on a snowy day”

  1. Too funny! Our dog is like that about fires. At our old house, which had a floor-level hearth, she used to lie on the hearth, staring at the fire, until her eyeballs dried out, at which point she’d go into a frenzy of blinking and wiping at her face with her paws. Then she’s just start staring again. Nutty dog. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy!

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