An actual finished object!

Unbelievable. I finally finished something! Here it is, my Double Fuschia Scarf, started so long ago I hardly remember. (Well, yes I do–this was the project I started just after we moved here in August, when all of my knitting gear was so deeply packed away that I had to buy it all–new needles, new pattern, and of course, new yarn).


This was my first lace project, and it was a challenge for me. I don’t quite know why–I’ve done cables, even Alice Starmore cables, without completely pulling my hair out (though there were a number of close calls with the Starmore cables). The lace was something new, though. I think it was all the yarnovers. I don’t like yarnovers, and I can’t explain why. I do like the effect, however, so overall, I’m relatively pleased with the scarf.

Quite a nice rhythm to this pattern. Maybe I’ll try another lace project down the road so I’ll feel more comfortable with it. For now, though, I’ve had enough lace to last me a long while!

And now, a work in progress. This is the first of two Delicato Mitts, from the pattern published by Anne at Knitspot. I’m knitting mine with a real treat, 100% Mongolian cashmere from Jade Sapphire. A tiny project like this is worth the splurge, and I think I can get a pair of mitts from a single skein of this delectable yarn. Yummy!


One of the best things about a project like this is that I can try it on while it’s in progress. It’s a bit of instant gratification, even if it’s still spiky with knitting needles.


Totally luscious soft warmth for my chilly hands. I just realized something, as I uploaded these pictures. I’m modeling the right mitt on the left hand, so I completely missed the beautiful lace pattern that is emerging across the back of the hand. I guess a career in photography is probably out of the question.

More to come!


2 Responses to “An actual finished object!”

  1. I love that scarf! It may have been your first lace, but it doesn’t look like it! Those delicatos look lovely, too — and so soft and luxurious. I’ve been trying to decide whether to knit them – maybe the time has come? I hope your knitting stuff has been unburied 🙂

  2. I concur with Jocelyn, your lace scarf is tremendous. You did a wonderful job.

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