A new blog home for me!

Thanks for following me to this new blog home–and welcome to anyone who’s new! I had some problems with the old blog site–mostly those of a mean-spirited commenter nature–so I thought I’d try to find a new place for the Woolies blog.

New look, fresh start.

Last week, we set off on an adventure in search of architectural salvage. You see, we’re renovating a house built in 1876, and a trip to Home Depot just won’t do! We’d heard rumors about a fantastic things architectural salvage in Homer, NY–though no one could remember the name of the place. “It’s in the old train station in Homer,” we heard, so we set off with the kids and some snacks and a good road map.

We found one train station–a lovely building that is seeing good use as the town’s police station now:


What a great building! What kinds of dramas happened here, do you think? Excited passengers setting off on an adventure in the city? Others setting off on a new life, heading west (or as far west as this line might have taken them)? Courting couples saying hello or goodbye? It’s all pretty quiet now, but I’m sure there was some hustle and bustle at one point.

As interesting as that was, it wasn’t the place we were looking for. As it turns out, just across the train tracks and a big parking lot was another train station–the freight station–but that wasn’t the place we were looking for. However, next to both was an old warehouse which turned out to be Preservation Works.

Wow, what a great place! New, old-stock doorknobs and other hardware. Front doors, back doors, interior doors. Claw foot bathtubs. Leaded glass windows. And radiators. Lots of radiators.

And that was what we were looking for. Our downstairs bathroom had the radiator removed at some unknown time in the past, and we want it back. Preservation Works had lots to choose from, including this diamond-in-the-rough:


They’ll test it, sandblast it, and prime it for us–all for such a reasonable price–and soon it will be keeping our bathroom toasty warm. Hurrah!

Along the way, I saw the remnants of an old painted advertising sign on the side of a brick building. This was for J.D. Garrison Family Groceries and Provisions on the side of a building in Cortland. I love these kinds of old signs. They feed my imagination about what the streetscape must’ve looked like when the sign was fresh and new. I’m glad they never painted it out…


We stopped for lunch at Doug’s Fish Fry–to be honest, I had my doubts about a seafood place so far inland. I figured that seafood in upstate NY would be like Mexican food north of Texas (and I know what I’m talking about there…) But this place was fantastic! The fish is all fresh–brought in from Boston and Gloucester daily. The fish was light and tender, the batter delicate and crispy. What a treat so far from the sea!!

Coming soon: An actual finished object, and a new project!


2 Responses to “A new blog home for me!”

  1. Welcome to your new home! It looks lovely and fresh and white, and with luck will have no evil commenters 🙂 The radiator looks wonderful — what a great find. I love places like that, I totally get what you’re talking about. I always wonder what people did with all of these wonderful old objects, and what they were thinking and feeling. It’s a nice connection.

  2. Hi Tracy! I wanted to answer your question about the clogs – the pattern does give 5 different sizes, and you can control the size more by felting them until they fit. It’s a great pattern – fairly easy as long as you pay attention (lots of short rows) and quick with big needles and double stranded yarn. Good luck!

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