Welcome to the Finger Lakes!

Whew! It’s been a long slog, but we finally made it here. Multiple truckloads of household items and workshop items, getting cars from one place to another, getting kids and cats from one place to another, but we’ve made it!

We’re in temporary digs for the next week or so–our house closing was delayed awhile for a number of reasons, but we’re lucky enough to have a comfortable place to stay while we’re waiting to get into the new place. We’re starting to settle in–a few days ago, we took Aidan to visit his new school, and he got to meet the principal and see all the classrooms before the Big Day. Plus, he and Douglas have played at both playgrounds at the elementary school (they have one just for kindergarten and another for the older kids), so they both know there is FUN to be had at school.

And, I’ve already visited what will be my LYS, which is Finger Lakes Fibers. The women there are so friendly and helpful–just attentive enough to make sure you have the help you need, while allowing you space to browse and soak up the woolliness of it all. (And yes, even though they had a big sale on summer yarns in cotton and linen and bamboo and all sorts, I still was drawn to the wools, even though it was about 95 degrees on the day I visited…)

I needed a project to help me keep my sanity, but my yarn stash and needles and patterns are all in boxes…somewhere…! So, I bought everything I needed to make a lace scarf. First, the pattern: Fiber Trends double fuschia scarf (the pink one on the left). The yarn: Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool in a pale grey. It’s my first lace project, and after one false start (complete with gnashing of teeth and a little sulking), I managed to learn the pattern and make quite good progress. Photos to come when I find my camera….


4 Responses to “Welcome to the Finger Lakes!”

  1. What a great way to keep the knitting going when in transit!

  2. Welcome to the area!

  3. Knitting Linguist Says:

    The scarf looks beautiful; welcome to the world of lace! It sounds like you’re all settling in wonderfully — welcome to your new home!

  4. That looks like a great lace pattern.

    Are you starting to get a feel for your new surroundings? Maybe the house situation will straighten out quickly and you’ll get moved in very soon so you can settle in to your new home.

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