blogging break

With our upcoming move and all the chaos that comes along with it, this may be my last chance to blog for a little while.

First, some knitting news. Some actual knitting news! I’m making good progress with my new tam, using the yarn from Bear Farm in Burdett, NY. The colors are so gorgeous in their natural woolly brown and woolly tan, with a touch of red to spice it up. Pictures to come….when I find my camera again.

Other knitting news–I was in the mall the other day and wandered through the Discovery Channel Store. The store is closing soon and is selling everything at rock-bottom prices. They had a toy knitting machine similar to this one:

…for $6, so how could I resist? I took it home, wrestled with the nasty eyelash novelty yarn in the kit, gave up and started using some variegated yarn I’d bought in England years ago, and before I knew it, I had knit a 6-foot tube!

Now, I don’t know what I’m going to do with tubes–they’re too small for hats (despite the fact that the instructions say you can make hats–they’d be too small even for infants.) But I could make lots of skinny scarves, or perhaps braid a bunch of skinny scarves together? Wind them up as a turban? Whatever, it’s fun, and boy, is it fast!

Of course, there will be no substitute for hand knitting. Never!!


2 Responses to “blogging break”

  1. Morticcia Says:

    Good luck on your move!

    We just moved last November from one Boston suburb to another, so it’s nothing compared to what you’re embarking on. I don’t envy what you have a head of you.

    Remember to mark your boxes well!

  2. Wishing you good moving! That machine is a lot of fun. My mother in law got one at a tag sale, and was winging away with it yelling “I’m knitting! I’m knitting!” It was pretty funny. I did wonder what it could really be used for. You could steek the tube and cut scarves out of it…

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