stress, but a good kind

There’s no such thing as moving house without stress. Especially when you’re selling a house in one state, buying a house in another state, and coordinating a move from one state to another, while working a corporate job and taking care of kids and cats.

Deep breaths. Take lots of deep breaths.

We’re heading into the final days of the house-buying journey. All we need is for the title work to be done and the closing to be scheduled. But then I found out today about a 2-week delay in the title work that makes our schedule just a little too tight for comfort.

Need to find out more information, take more deep breaths, and remember that it will all work out.

We’re also so close on selling our house here. After lengthy negotiations with the buyers, we should be signing the purchase and sale agreement today.

Knock wood, cross fingers, more of those deep breaths.

Then there is all that packing to do. We have ordered and received our packing materials–boxes of all sizes, packing paper, etc. Now, of course, those materials are in the middle of the living room, making the house feel even smaller and cramped. I’ve packed a whopping six boxes so far…

It’ll happen. We have time. Not much, but we do have time.

And today? My going-away lunch at work, then Douglas’s checkup, then dinner at the Rainforest Cafe (my kids’ favorite). Somewhere in there, I need to figure out how to go sign the purchase and sale agreement, which is due today. I need a few extra hours in this day….

It will be so nice once we’ve moved and settled in.
It will be so nice once we’ve moved and settled in.
It will be so nice once we’ve moved and settled in…


2 Responses to “stress, but a good kind”

  1. Knitting Linguist Says:

    Oh, boy — you’ve got a lot on your plate! There’s almost nothing more stressful than moving. I’m still recovering from our move down here five years ago (and still wading through boxes in the garage, but that’s another story). Hang in there, and get as much help as you can with the packing (I’m 3,000 miles away, or I’d offer to come pack boxes myself!). When is the actual move date?

  2. Erin Fonte Says:

    Rick and I are wishing you, Tim and the boys lots of luck in getting things wrapped up.


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