It doesn’t get more local than this

One of the things I’m looking forward to about our move is having more time to cook. I do like cooking–real, authentic, good, flavorful food that isn’t microwaved or warmed-up, and that isn’t a 30-minutes-or-less kind of meal. But that kind of cooking doesn’t work with the crazy schedule we’ve had. By the time we’ve finished our full days of work, picked the kids up from daycare, and decompressed a little around the house, there isn’t much time for good old-fashioned cooking. And the weekends? That’s for catching up on all the other things we couldn’t get done during the week. And interesting menus seem to fall by the wayside most of the time.

I’ve been watching a few shows about good, real food, mostly on BBC. Jamie Oliver’s shows often annoy me, but I have most of his cookbooks and I like what he does. Gordon Ramsay, as rude as he is, celebrates good food (though in places I could rarely afford to eat in). And I’ve found a new show called “Food Heroes” that celebrates the regional foods of Britain. It’s a celebration of local food, and that has given me food for thought…

I want to learn how to cook regionally and seasonally. That doesn’t mean swearing off foods that aren’t in season or that don’t come from a 20-mile radius, but I’d like to learn how to make the best use of the best food out there–which is food closest to the source. Ithaca has a good farmer’s market, and I plan to make good use of it once we’ve moved.

But for now, here’s our local-most produce. It doesn’t get more local than this–straight out of the garden.

Even better with a big serving of organic vanilla yogurt.

Mmmm. Boy loves berries.


One Response to “It doesn’t get more local than this”

  1. Fiberjoy Says:

    fresh grown raspberries and yogurt, mighty good. 🙂 In this area of abundance I’m ashamed to say I haven’t gotten any berries picked yet this summer, except for a few handfuls on the way to the P.O.

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