Friday, or Fryday?

Actually, I think it’s going to be a fry-weekend. Tim has had a serious hankering for serious chicken wings since moving away from upstate NY, so he’s bought a Wing-It, a dedicated chicken-wing deep-fat fryer. He’s just tickled pink about it (especially since he got the world’s greatest deal on it–brand-new at half the price!). I am struggling a little to share his enthusiasm, though–having always been squeamish about meat on bones, the idea of chicken wings doesn’t exactly make me drool. (There is no bonier meat than chicken wings, except perhaps ribs.)

Hmmm. It’ll be a real joy to see his face light up when he makes his first batch of wings. I’ve promised I’ll try them…once.

Onto a knitting topic–I am a knitter in search of a summer project. I still have Tim’s sweater on the needles, but it’s hard to get enthusiastic about a lapful of wool in the summer time. So I’m thinking I should do a scarf, or a bag, or something else smaller and lighter. But what?

I’m at such a loss! Usually I have a backlog of projects I want to do, but I’m directionless. I think it’s perhaps there are too many choices for me out there. This world of blogging is a delight, but I see so many beautiful things that others have made, that I want to make them all! But as soon as I think I’ll make this scarf or that shawl or this pair of mittens, I see yet another pattern that looks delicious too.

Or, I could just read blogs and never get started on anything….


2 Responses to “Friday, or Fryday?”

  1. I hear you on the overwhelming number of ideas out there! I’m okay now, just because I’ve got socks going, but I’m quickly getting tired of them, but don’t know where to go next.

  2. Fiberjoy Says:

    If only I were talented enough to knit while reading blogs!

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