I need knitting time

I’m certainly not the first person to note how therapeutic knitting can be. It’s a form of meditation. I’m convinced it brings down my blood pressure. I know it feeds my soul.

These are good times for my family. We’re about to embark upon a new venture, picking up stakes and moving west (okay, to the Finger Lakes, but it IS west of here!). I’ve had official approval from the folks at work about my plans to telecommute (I knew it would be approved but official word just came down today). My days as a diaper-changer are coming to an end as Douglas is finally recognizing that the potty isn’t just a substantial white chair in the bathroom. And Tim and I will celebrate our first wedding anniversary this weekend. There’s a lot to be happy about.

But there is so much to do! Get the house sold! Get everything packed! Make arrangements for new schools and new daycares! Figure out how we get three cars to NY with only two drivers! My head is spinning….


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