NH Sheep and Wool Festival!

For Mother’s Day, my boys took me to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival. Good sports all, they were very patient with me as I coveted the yarns. So much selection! And there were so many spinners out–when I have just a little more time, I must learn how to do that! It looks like so much fun.

I managed to avoid temptation–I bought not a single skein of yarn! But I came home laden with business cards and brochures. I just can’t make decisions on the fly like that–I know that I’ll either buy nothing at all, or buy everything in sight. So, to spare my pocketbook, I decided to take the cards and brochures and decide later.

But the boys loved the animals! Who can resist a freshly shorn sheep? And the alpacas! Why, they look like something out of Dr. Seuss when they’re freshly shorn.

We watched a few rounds of competition with the border collies and sheep, delighted in a homemade apple crisp, and jumped for joy when Aidan finally lost that wiggly front tooth! He was so proud. One more wiggly front one to go!


One Response to “NH Sheep and Wool Festival!”

  1. Fiberjoy Says:

    First Tooth! Ah, he’s a handsome young chap. The girl are probably swooning over him.

    You have such will power to resist buying when surrounded by goodies. Are you one of those people who sometimes, even if there’s money in the pocket and lots of wonderful items to buy, just can’t? I certainly have those days. But then, I do not like shopping in general.

    Sounds like a great time was had by all.

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