giddy flashes of color

There’s something about the intense colors of spring that make me go all giddy inside.

It’s the quick onslaught of color, after months and months of dull grey skies and leafless trees.

Each year it happens, and yet it’s different every year. This year, we didn’t get so many blossoms on our forsythia. I must have pruned it too late in the season last year.

I especially love the way the ferns emerge all curled up. They really do look like fiddleheads.

But then there’s always the big dose of reality. My most successful flowers in the garden are bright yellow, bloom all summer, and can’t be killed no matter what. Gotta love the dandelions.


2 Responses to “giddy flashes of color”

  1. I know – I’m always amazed by the number of flowering trees – every single year I can’t get over just how _many_ there are of them…

  2. Fiberjoy Says:

    We need to stop considering the dandelion as a weed. 🙂

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