Happy Texas Independence Day!

So, they can take the girl out of Texas, but they can’t take the Texas out of the girl….

Today is Texas Independence Day–the day in 1836 when a handful of uppity American settlers in Texas met in Washington-on-the-Brazos to tell Mexico “Adios!” and declare the Republic of Texas open for business. The experiment in independence was a resounding failure (but don’t tell that to the Daughters of the Republic of Texas). By the early 1840s, the baby republic was up to its eyeballs in debt. Hostile Mexicans and Indians took their toll, and lots of Texans (who’d started off as Americans in the first place) started the drumbeat for annexation by the United States. By the end of 1845, it was all over, and Texas became the 28th state.

But hey, it’s a particular point of pride that Texans can boast of having been an independent nation. Even if it was (shh) a failure. Even if it lasted only 9 years. Even if it accomplished absolutely nothing of note apart from setting aside land for primary schools and two universities…

Yee haw!
Now where are my cowboy boots?


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