more hats!

I finished my hats for Portia and Throsby and put them in the mail.

Portia’s hat is made of wonderfully heathery purple Cascade yarn knit in the Coronet pattern from Knitty. I made just one small modification–I created a small hole in the back for Portia’s ponytail to poke through, so she can wear a hat and keep her whole head warm. Now she’ll have a purple hat to match the one that her American Girl doll is wearing…which was supposed to be Portia’s hat, but it came out WAY too small!

Throsby’s hat is a double-layer hat made from Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal yarn in shades of black and grey. With a provisional cast-on of black yarn, I knit ribbing for a bit more than 4 inches (twice the depth of the cuff when flipped up), then knit a basic stocking cap out of dark grey. After finishing the dark grey cap, I then picked up the stitches from the provisional cast-on and knit another stocking cap going thr other direction in a lighter grey. When the second cap was finished, I turned one cap inside the other and tacked them together at the top. This hat should be wonderfully warm, which should keep Throsby’s ears toasty warm when he’s on his paper route!

Next on the knitting agenda is a cable knitted bag called Quinn. I’m using Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran in a deep chocolatey brown that I bought at Wild and Woolly’s semi-annual sale. Yum!


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