new year, new projects

After the dismal failure of Portia’s purple hat (which ended up too small and now graces the head of her American Girl doll), I have started a new one. This one is based on the Coronet pattern from Knitty, but I made one small change. I loved the idea of a hat with a hole for a ponytail to poke through, so I added one just above the braided border. Portia wears her ponytails low like that, so I think this should suit her just fine.

I have to say, though, I don’t like knitting in the round on double-pointed needles. Despite the fact that I inherited my grandmother’s massive collection of knitting needles, I didn’t have a set of size 8 circulars. Every place I went was sold out, so I’ve had to do the whole thing on the dp needles. They really slow me down! With circulars or with regular flat knitting, I can fly, but the dp needles are so awkward for me. Needless to say, I have no desire to try knitting socks….

I know I’m completely in the minority here, because I see from so many blogs that knitters everywhere love knitting socks. How many thousands of socks were knit for Socktober? How many of you have lovingly posted the pairs and pairs of socks that you’ve made for yourselves and your family? But I just don’t get it! Apart from the dp needle issue, I would find it heartbreaking to knit something that will get worn out! I’ve worn holes in countless socks, and I’ve felt no compunction about tossing them out. But a handknit sock? I’d cry!

Maybe the appeal is the small size of the project? If that’s the case, I’d much rather knit hats and scarves (can’t have too many!). Next, after Portia’s hat, I’m making one for her brother Throsby. His will be a double-layered hat in some deliciously soft Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal. I made a hat for Aidan out of that yarn two years ago, and not only is it wonderfully warm, but it wears beautifully.

Now if only I could find more time to knit! I have such a backlog of projects–and my favorite yarn shop is having its semi-annual clearance sale next week. Yes, I will be one of the insane knitters queuing up at 7:00am to be one of the first in the door…


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