short season

Well, that was a short season. Went back to the store for those yummy scallops, only to find out they are no more. Sad Tracy.

On the knitting front–I’m slowly making progress on the buttonband for Aidan’s cardigan. Once that’s done, I just need to find some buttons and I can race ahead to the next project. I’m so ready for this one to be done. It’s beautiful, but I’m ready for a new challenge.

Okay, so I announced (weeks ago!) that I would be starting a sweater for my husband, which I will do. But, I’ve been vicariously watching Yuki knit lace, and I’m tempted to start a lace project. I’ve never done lace before, and it looks really intimidating. Sure, I’ve been knitting for about 30 years. I’ve knit all sorts of Aran sweaters. But lace just looks so…hard. Still, I think it might be fun for a new challenge, but I may just be kind to myself and save it for the new year. Right now, I have plenty of challenges on my plate!

I don’t have to finish any knit projects for gifts this year, thank goodness. I made a vow to myself long ago never to knit to a deadline. That’s the best way to ruin all the fun! But I still need to do 90% of my Christmas shopping. I know it’s still 3 weeks until Christmas, but time has a way of sneaking up on me…

Like yesterday, for example, when Tim and I planned to take the kids to get a Christmas tree. We’d talked about it the day before. We even drove past the place we’d like to get one, just to make sure they had trees this year (yes!) and that the place looks suitably festive for a Christmas-tree-acquiring event (yes!). And Sunday came and went, and we totally forgot about it. Both of us. Didn’t remember until this morning.

How could I forget about Christmas???


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