The sleeves of Aidan’s cardigan are growing again. I finally worked my way through my frustration, frogged a few rows, then got it going again. The annoying thing is that the pattern is seriously wrong. If I’d followed the pattern as written, the sleeves would have been about six inches too short!

I’m so tempted to set it down and get going on something new. I’ve become a knitting blog addict, and watching what other people are doing makes me crave something fresh and new. I want to try knitting lace! Socks! More sweaters! Toys! More more more!!!

Of course, what I really need to do is to frog two half-started projects that I put down and never finished (a too-basic ribbed pullover in bulky denim yarn and a delicate cardigan for myself with a pattern too fussy for my modern, streamlined, sophisticated taste… 😉

But the saddest of all sad WIPs is my Starmore Cromarty. Ah, Cromarty, she is beautiful. She is exquisite. She nearly made me pull my hair out until I finally figured out the pattern. I made my Cromarty with a lovely rich blue yarn I found in Ireland in the summer of 1999, and she was going to be an absolute work of art.

That is, until I realized I didn’t have enough yarn.

I was about halfway done with the front, and I calculated that I probably had enough to do the back, but not the sleeves. What now? No hope of finding more of the yarn. I think it was discontinued when I bought it, and it was so long ago it’s impossible to find the same dye lot. But I couldn’t frog it, not after all that work! So there it has been sitting since January 2000, stunted, waiting for a brilliant brainstorm of mine so it can see the light of day…


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