swanning about

We had a good visit with the swan family yesterday. Aidan, Douglas, and I took bags of stale pita bread to the pond to feed the ducks. Then the geese realized that supper was on. Then came the swans from the completely opposite end of the pond. I always imagine Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyrie” when I see them heading our way. Very dramatic.

As graceful as swans are in the water, they’re pretty clumsy-looking when they’re on shore. And big. And pushy! They wanted our bread. All of our bread. NOW. I actually had to get in between the Big Daddy Swan and Douglas for fear that the swan would snatch the bag of bread right out of Douglas’s hand. The bird was bigger than HE was!

But what about the knitting? Oh, I’ve hit a wall with the knitting. I’ve been working on Aidan’s cardi for so long that I’ve internalized the pattern. Or so I thought. Made a big goof a few rows after the main pattern begins, and I just don’t want to take the time to fix it. I’m so close to being done! But I can’t let it stay there, because it will drive me nuts. So, the sleeves remain abandoned on the coffee table until I have the strength and fortitude to face them once more.


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